Can We Pierce Our Own Ears Without Any Help?

Ear piercing can be painful but also it can be possible to do at home. Piercing ears on your own can be little bit risky but possible as you might requires some sort of equipments for that. On the other hand piercing ears at home is much cheaper as compare to get it done by the professionals. It is almost for free and if we talk about professionals then over there you need to pay at least $40 to get your work done.

So if you more of money saving person then you should go for the piercing at home without any second thought at all.

hand piercing ears

Pierce only if you are confident

A person should only pierce his or her ear if he or she is confident enough otherwise they should drop this idea. It might be painful but worth the pain because you do not have to pay much money for this pain and it can be done right at your comfort zone. There is no need to step out of your house which sounds really great.

You should begin by cleaning your ear with hydrogen peroxide or also you can rub the alcohol on your ear.

Steps to be considered

There are loads of steps to keep in mind but if you’re new then you should begin with rubbing alcohol which will be going to numb the area. After that you need to burn the needle for 10 seconds over the flame. After burning it you should wipe down the needle with hydrogen peroxide and make sure to clean it.

You can also use ice to numb your ear so that you do not have to pain that much pain and in this way piercing can be done.